Can you help brain injury advocate Anj Barker get a new van?

In 2002, Anj Barker was brutally assaulted by an ex-boyfriend and left for dead. She was diagnosed with a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). After four months in a rehabilitation center, the only option presented to her was a life in a nursing home with people five times her age. You can imagine the torment both Anj and her family felt as they processed the multiple layers of what had happened, and how out of control life had become. The sudden change of direction left family and friends breathless.

Despite Anj’s TBI she continues to recover and advocates tirelessly around Australia and overseas on violence in relationships and equality for people with a disability. She has spoken to over 30,000 young people and been named Victoria’s Young Australian of the Year in 2011. Anj has contributed towards policy on the plenary rights of children as part of the International Women’s Heath Coalition; the final recommendations were presented to the United Nations.

Now, Anj needs Australia’s help to replace her wheelchair accessible van so she can continue her campaign for change.

Anj is a great Australian, a powerful voice and a worthwhile investment into Australia’s youth. Every dollar will help – one less coffee for a day could make the difference for this stunning young Aussie to continue on with her remarkable life.

Take the time to visit Anj’s site here.

Please donate at: New Van for Anj

Your small change will make a big difference.