Brain Injury Australia Chairs National Brain Injury Conference

BIA was the main non-financial sponsor of the successful National Acquired Brain Injury National Conference, held at Royal Rehab, on November 8-9, 2016.

Robyn Cetinich (below), delivered a moving opening address on behalf of her son, Ty Cetinich, on the connection between brain injury and mental health.

“9 in 10 people who have concussion make a complete recovery within 2 weeks, but many live with the consequences.

The link between concussion and mental health needs greater recognition.” – Robyn Cetinich

Ty died at age 15 after a series of concussions playing sport.

Challenges to mental health are one of the most under-acknowledged effects of concussion. For instance, a recent study of 235,000 Canadians found the long-term risk of suicide increases three-fold among adults who have sustained a concussion.

Download Robyn’s presentation here, and the transcript accompanying her presentation.

Professor Barry Willer remained in Australia following his Keynote Speaker at BIA’s Concussion Training Day, to present at the conference.

Brain Injury Australia also thanks the National Disability Conference Initiative for funding 15 people with brain injury, their families and carers (below, with Nick) to attend the conference.

Download speaker presentations (click on the images below):

Download the conference brochure.

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