Blue Badge Extends Discounts to Brain Injury Australia Supporters to 2017

Blue Badge, a specialist provider of insurance to people with a disability, is extending the discounts on its policies to supporters of Brain Injury Australia (BIA) until January 31st, 2017.

Blue Badge’s Car Insurance Policy discounts all types of passenger vehicles using a disability parking permit, and vehicles converted for drivers or passengers with a disability.

Lara has been a supporter of BIA for 6 years, and has found attending BIA’s events and presentations useful for connecting with fellow young people with stroke.

Recently, Lara had to find new insurance for her wheelchair-passenger vehicle when her previous insurer unexpectedly increased its prices and lowered the value they were willing to insure her car for.

Initially, Lara found it challenging locating an alternative policy because most insurers weren’t familiar with her car’s modifications.

This made for many frustrating conversations.

Lara goes on:

After some research I found Blue Badge Insurance. I was surprised to find a company whose product was developed for cars with disability modifications. Their specialisation was clear as soon as I spoke with them: they knew my car, they knew my modifications, and to my delight they insured the modifications on a new for old basis for less than I was paying before! I found Blue Badge Insurance very professional and easy to deal with.

It’s so refreshing to find an insurance company that not only understands disability converted cars, but gives you better cover for less.

I would recommend Blue Badge Insurance to anyone with a disability modified car.Lara, Brain Injury Australia supporter

Brain Injury Australia supporters can claim an additional $25 discount with Blue Badge by calling 1300 304 802 and quoting the offer code “BIA001.”

Offer ends January 31st, 2017.

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