What BIA does is overseen by a Board of Directors:

Prof Roger Chung – BIA Director and Chair
Professor Roger Chung is Professor of Neuroscience and Associate Dean (Research and Higher Degrees Research) in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Australian School of Advanced Medicine at Macquarie University. Read more…

Dr Mukesh Haikerwal AO – BIA Director
Former Federal President of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Haikerwal sustained a severe traumatic brain injury after being assaulted in Melbourne in 2008. Read more…

Dr Suzy Goldsmith – BIA Director
Dr Goldsmith’s professional practice is in risk management and strategy, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. She developed a keen interest in risk and decision-making from her work in environmental engineering, encompassing health and safety concerns. Read more…

Mr Richard McKinnon – BIA Director
Richard McKinnon is Executive Chairman of Conrad Capital, an international strategy and advisory company. Read more…

Professor Leanne Togher – BIA Director
Professor Leanne Togher is a speech pathologist who has worked in the area of communication disorders following brain injury for over 30 years. Leanne is the recipient of her 3rd Senior Research Fellowship from the NHMRC, and is Principal Research Fellow of The University of Sydney. Leanne’s work has led to new ways of improving the communication of people with brain injury, particularly, by training people with brain injury and their communication partners, including family, friends and the community. Leanne’s research is developing the use of E-health and technology to offer innovative treatment options for people with brain injury and their families.

Natalie Foley – BIA Director                                                                                                                                                Natalie brings 30 years of expertise in healthcare research, communication, project management, and education and training, as well as the experience of a parent whose son’s recovery from a “mild” Traumatic Brain Injury was prolonged and complicated.

Samantha Grant – BIA Director                                                                                                                                        General Manager – Services, Acquired Brain Injury Services

BIA’s key personnel are:

Mr Nick Rushworth – Executive Officer
Brain Injury Australia’s Executive Officer since 2008, Nick sustained a severe traumatic brain injury as a result of a bicycle accident in 1996. Read more…

Charles Mahadogade – Office Manager

Read BIA’s Annual Reports, 2014-2004.

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