Brain Injury Australia Holds Forum on the National Disability Insurance Scheme

“Brain Injury Australia’s fundamental reservation about the National Disability Insurance Scheme remains unchanged since the bill for its establishment was drafted. That – while some people with a brain injury will be able to navigate the new quasi-market of the Scheme as easily as the disability services system of old – many will not.

Specifically, Brain Injury Australia suspects that relatively few people with a brain will be able to readily transform themselves from the PASSIVE customers of disability services of tradition into active RETAILERS of their funding without an enabling infrastructure to do so.”Brain Injury Australia’s Executive Officer Nick Rushworth

120 people from around Australia attended 25th August’s Forum on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for people with a brain injury, held in partnership with the University of Sydney’s Centre for Disability Research and Policy.

Speakers included Dr Hans Reinders, Professor of Ethics and Mental Disability from the Free University of Amsterdam, Associate Professor Natasha Lannin from La Trobe University, and the Deputy CEO of the National Disability Insurance Agency, Ian Maynard.

The Forum explored opportunities for maximising the social and economic participation of people with a brain injury by building effective relationships with mainstream services including health, housing and employment. It also investigated best practice goal-setting and planning for people with a brain injury.

Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Director of the Centre for Disability Research and Policy from the University of Sydney, led a panel discussion bringing together key players in the Scheme’s “trial sites” with those driving its nationwide roll out, including Mary Hawkins, Director of Engagement for New South Wales Central for the National Disability Insurance Agency and Kerry Stafford, the Executive Director of Acquired Brain Injury Services NSW.

The Forum’s program is available here. Opening comments to the Forum, by Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer of Brain Injury Australia.

A Summary of Themes of the Forum that arose from the presentations and discussions throughout the day is also available for download.

Videos from the presenters:

Keynote Address: Choice and control
Professor Dr Hans Reinders
Professor of Ethics and Mental Disability, Free University, Amsterdam
Consumer perspective
Vicki Lovegreen, OAM, NDIS participant
In conversation with Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia
Exploring a client centred-approach to goal-setting
Associate Professor Natasha Lannin, Alfred Health and La Trobe University
NDIS update, guided planning and the “First Plan”
Ian Maynard, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Operations, NDIS
Panel Discussion: Perspectives on ensuring choice and control for people with acquired brain injury

Panel Discussion Moderator: Professor Gwynnyth Llewellyn, Director, CDRP
Panel: Kerry Stafford, Executive Director, Acquired Brain Injury Services NSW
Rachael Alderton-Smith, Case Coordinator and Training Coordinator, Headstart ABI Services, Newcastle
Vicki Lovegreen OAM, NDIS participant
Ian Maynard, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Operations, National Disability Insurance Agency
Mary Hawkins, Director-Engagement, New South Wales Central, National Disability Insurance Agency

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