Brain Injury Australia Invited to Write Editorial for Young Stroke in the United States

Brain Injury Australia has been invited by the founder and Chief Executive Officer of United States advocacy organisation Young Stroke, Amy Edmunds – herself a survivor of stroke, in 2002 aged 45 – to write an editorial for “Focus: Young Stroke in Australia”.

“…Whenever I speak about brain injury it’s always with stroke as its largest subgroup. At the same time, I’m ashamed to admit that Brain Injury Australia has done next-to-no stroke advocacy, focussing instead on traumatic brain injury. But whenever we’re held to account for this blind spot in our advocacy, it’s invariably been at the hands of young strokes – who end up in with us as advocate of last resort, frustrated by one or all of the acute care they didn’t get, the rehabilitation they didn’t get enough of, or the dearth of age-appropriate supports in the community…”

Download Brain Injury Australia’s Position Paper on “young stroke” here.
View the “Focus: Young Stroke in Australia” editorials here.

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