Brain Injury Australia Trains Staff of Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

BIA Executive Officer Nick Rushworth was at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in November to train staff in best practices for connecting people with brain injury to art.

The MCA is committed to connecting people of all ages with disability and access requirements to contemporary art.

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney

Central to MCA’s commitment to access is the Bella Program.

… beginning in 1993, Bella at the MCA has developed to include an annually commissioned artwork, The Jackson Bella Room, and a suite of programs and events that respond to the diversity of people accessing our Creative Learning programs. Bella welcomes all people with disability or access requirements, including but not limited to physical, sensory, neurological, intellectual and learning disability and mental health conditions.Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Bella offers a variety of programs tailored towards children, young people, families and adults with disabilities.

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