Brain Injury Australia Sidetember Raises $10,000 for Return2Sport

Since 2012, Brain Injury Australia’s charity partner Sidetember – a “fun initiative running in the month formerly known as September” – has helped raise $120,000 for people living with a brain injury, and to support the work of Brain Injury Australia.

In Sidetember 2016, $10,000 was raised for an adaptive sport, recreation and leisure service based at Royal Rehab in Sydney called Return2Sport – to purchase recumbent bicycles, for example. 50 cyclists took part in a “SideRide” through the New South Wales Central Coast, 350 people nationwide registered online for a series of “SideChallenges” – to give people insight into the challenges people living with brain injury face.

Each challenge relates to a type of brain injury. For example, you could be asked to not speak for an hour, which is a common effect stroke can have on the brain.

170,000 people engaged with Sidetember 2016 through Facebook, including over 5,000 people who actively engaged with the Sidetember content.

“Given our focus has been on awareness and growing our audience,” says Sidetember’s founder, Stu Matthewman, “I believe this year has been a huge success.”

To find out more, join Sidetember here.