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Executive Officer:Nick Rushworth
Postal Address:PO Box 220 Marrickville NSW 1475
Street Address: Suite 5, Hodson Building
Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney
241 Morrison Rd, Putney NSW 2112
Phone: + 61 2 9808 9390
Freecall: 1800 BRAIN1 (1800 272 461) (this site)
ABN:77 314 074 922
ACN:144 700 532

Brain Injury Australia Limited is an Australian Public Company, limited by guarantee. It is classified as an unlisted, non-profit company.

(Note: As Brain Injury Australia’s office is not open full-time, please call beforehand to make an appointment)

To travel to BIA using public transport, Sydney Bus number 507 runs from Meadowbank station to Payten Street, near Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney. You may be required to walk from Meadowbank station to Bowden Street bus stop near Richard Johnson Crescent depending on the time of day. Sydney buses also run along Victoria Rd. Please check for exact times and bus stop locations, or phone 13 1500.