Employment Stability in Veterans and Service Members with Traumatic Brain Injury: A VA Traumatic Brain Injury Model Systems Study (2017)

“A number of unique factors affect employment stability in V/SM [“Veterans and Military Service Members”] with TBI [“Traumatic Brain Injury”]. Study findings identify V/SM who have stable employment and predictors of employment stability.”

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Traumatic brain injury severity, comorbidity, social support, family functioning, and community reintegration among veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars (2017)

“This study provides insight into long-term outcomes associated with TBI in Post-9/11 veterans and suggests that exposure to TBI has a negative impact on social and family functioning, community reintegration, and return to work even after controlling for comorbidity, deployment experiences, and sociodemographic characteristics.”


Understanding treatment of mild traumatic brain injury in the military health system (2016) (US)

“This report is the first of its kind to describe the characteristics of non-deployed active duty service members who have received a mTBI [mild Traumatic Brain Injury] diagnosis, their co-occurring symptoms and conditions, the locations where they received care, the types of treatment and medications they received, and the duration and patterns of their care.”


Exploring the relationship between mild traumatic brain injury exposure and the presence and severity of postconcussive symptoms among veterans deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan (2015)

This study found that Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom veterans with mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) had more disabilities in thinking, emotion, and bodily functioning, which were also more severe, than veterans with no mTBI, 4.8 years after the mTBI event(s).


Multiple traumatic brain injury and concussive symptoms among deployed military personnel (2013)

“Patients with one or more previous TBIs were more likely to report concussion symptoms immediately following a recent injury and during the evaluation.”