“Falls are the leading cause of Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] in Australia, accounting for 42% of hospitalisations in 2004-2005”.Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia
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Brain Injury Awareness Week 2010: “Deadly yet Discounted: Brain Injury From Falls”

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Falls-Related Brain Injury: Poorly Recognised, Fatal, and Preventable

“I just believe that if Mum was a younger person they would have done more for her. They just gave up. Everybody deserves the same treatment no matter if they are 17 or 76. My Mum’s life was cruelly taken from her through brain injury.”Amanda
Moderate exercise to improve strength and balance, regular reviews of medication and eye checks, improving lighting and reducing hazards around the home have all been demonstrated to reduce the incidence of falls.Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia

Falls-Related Brain Injury: Research

A selection of falls-related brain injury research.

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“Ladder Safety Matters”

A new joint initiative of Australian, State and Territory consumer affairs agencies and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, encourages “older men to consider the consequences before engaging in risky ladder use”.

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