What is ITBI?
Is ITBI common?
What are the effects of ITBI?
What treatments are there for ITBI?

What is ITBI?

Policy Paper on Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury

“This policy paper establishes the urgent need for research into the incidence and outcomes of this abuse, beginning with national agreement on terminology, and its incorporation into all hospital morbidity and mortality data collections.”


“The Triad” of Injuries in ITBI

Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury is sometimes associated with three – a “triad” – of injuries.

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Is Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury the same as Shaken Baby Syndrome?

There are many terms for this form of child abuse. While “Shaken Baby Syndrome” has the highest recognition with the public, does it capture other forms of abusive head trauma apart from shaking?

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Is ITBI Common?

Incidence of Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury

“…clinicians referred to ITBI hospitalisations as simply the tip of the iceberg…Australian child protection agency data and parent survey evidence indicating that for every child hospitalised with ITBI as many as 150 others experience abusive head trauma from their caregivers.”Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia

Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury in Children – How Big is the Iceberg?

Read what Brain Injury Australia's has to say.

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What are the Effects of ITBI?

“…the short-term outcome in infants with [ITBI] is poor and the associated mortality ranges from 11% to 36%; in surviving children, long-term morbidity is usual and ranges from mild learning difficulties to severe physical and cognitive impairment.”
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What Treatments are There for ITBI?

“Brain Injury Australia also advocates a nationally consistent program of parent education, inclusive of information about child abuse and neglect, combined with secondary interventions targeting families “at risk” of child abuse. The costs of such programs are negligible when compared to the lifetime costs of a severe ITBI – more than $5 million – for just one child.”Nick Rushworth, Executive Officer, Brain Injury Australia
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