Effects of brain injury far reaching

LEETON mother Jacqui Walsh has been living a nightmare for the past eight months and wants the community to be aware that one moment can change a life forever.

Ms Walsh’s son, Dean, was critically injured in a car accident on Kirkup Road just before Christmas last year.

Mr Walsh, 27, has been fighting for his life ever since, with his family and friends doing their best to support each other through what has been described by Ms Walsh as “the worst place a person could ever want to be”.

Mr Walsh has undergone 16 operations for his brain injury and, while he has opened his eyes, he remains unresponsive to those around him.

He is currently being treated at the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit at Liverpool, with Ms Walsh doing her best to campaign and raise awareness of brain injuries.

Read more about Dean at the website of The Irrigator (Leeton).