Is Your Car Really Covered?

With constant advances in technology, there is a range of disability converted vehicles available in today’s market. From cars with ramps, hoists and lifters to facilitate getting in and out of the vehicle, right through to sophisticated hand and foot controls to assist drivers with limited mobility. There are many solutions available to cater to a wide range of needs.

Like most technological breakthroughs, disability vehicle conversions come at a price. In many cases, the cost of the conversions is higher than the value of the vehicle itself. This can create issues when it comes to insuring your car. Most insurers are not familiar with disability conversions, and this means they may not be able to provide comprehensive cover at a reasonable price.

It can also mean that you may be facing the risk of underinsurance – having inadequate insurance cover which can lead to financial loss. Owners of converted vehicles need to be aware of the reasons for this. It happens because most insurers depreciate the value of the conversion in the same way they depreciate the value of a car.

The problem is that most disability conversions don’t depreciate over time. If anything, materials and labour get more expensive with each passing year. This creates a significant risk of underinsurance because if your car were to be written-off, you could be faced with a big gap between your insurance payout and the cost of getting your car back on the road.

The importance of this issue was really clarified when speaking with Nik Witcombe, CEO of Blue Badge Insurance, “we’ve had some customers who have spent over $50,000 to convert their vehicle but later found it was insured for less than $10,000. As you can imagine, this can be quite devastating if they were to be involved in an accident.”

Blue Badge Insurance are the first disability insurance specialists in Australia and they can help people facing this issue. They have extensive knowledge of disability converted vehicles, and they cover a wide range of conversions at competitive rates. They also give you the choice to get new for old replacement on your conversions to protect you from a significant financial loss in you have an accident.

Blue Badge Insurance has proudly partnered with Brain Injury Australia, which means you can get additional discounts if you switch your car insurance to Blue Badge. To find out more, call Blue Badge on 1300 304 802 or visit,

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