Katherine Snedaker, Executive Director of PINKconcussions, Writes For Brain Injury Australia

Katherine Snedaker, Executive Director of PINKconcussions, with Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the United States’ National Football League (NFL)

“…I didn’t plan on becoming the voice of female brain injury. In fact, for decades, I hid my 25 concussions from friends and even my family. Only after seeing how many other women were suffering in silence, did I come to believe that females with brain injuries are the invisible patients within ‘the invisible injury’.

…Somewhere along the line, I just learned that people didn’t have much compassion for concussions, and I stopped letting anyone know when I was hurt. I saw doctors each time they happened but no one told me much other than, just rest.

Starting in my 30’s, I noticed I often forgot the names of common household items and will say “put the thing in the thing” or I just call everyone “sweetie” (awkward when it is the plumber!). I would make mistakes often when it came to my memory and it became obvious to my family and friends. Over the years, I have felt ashamed, embarrassed and alone when my deficiencies were visible to other people. I learned to hide and just count the weeks until my headaches went away…” Read more

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