Synapse (New South Wales and Queensland)

Synapse, based in New South Wales and Queensland, offers accommodation services for people with brain injury “that promotes personal development and dignity and encourages increased independence.” Available accommodation services: Transitional Accommodation, 24/7 Supported Housing, Independent Living, and Community Access Options.

Headway Gold Coast (Queensland)

Headway Gold Coast provides “Transitional Support” at Millar Lodge, for a period of up to 2 years for people who, on leaving hospital, need long-term rehabilitation and support to integrate back into their families or community, and “Supported Accommodation” (based at home), where Lifestyle Support Workers assist the person to relearn basic living tasks such as hygiene, diet, household chores and day to day living skills.

Hartley Lifecare (Australian Capital Territory)

Based in the Australian Capital Territory, Hartley Lifecare provides residential support for people with disabilities in accommodation settings, including children and adults with a brain injury living in Canberra and the surrounding region, and respite care, including 24-hour care throughout the year. Staff are trained to provide a range of support, including physical and health care.