Brain Injury Australia provides links below to several Forum items (“Dialogues”) we think are relevant to brain injury:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury Cognitive Rehabilitation

    This Forum provides evidence-based recommendations for Cognitive [thinking] Rehabilitation following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Developing a Research Program to Address Behaviours of Concern Following Traumatic Brain Injury

    This NTRI Forum offers a research program to address behaviours of concern that arise from TBI, such as aggression, agitation, sexual inappropriateness and lack of initiation. Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Discharge Planning Following Acquired Brain Injury

    This NTRI Forum focuses on developing an individualised plan for a patient with a brain injury prior to leaving hospital for home (discharge planning). Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Outcomes of Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation

    This NTRI Forum identifies key outcomes for brain injury rehabilitation, and provides ideas for developing a minimum dataset of brain injury rehabilitation outcomes for Victoria. Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Optimising Support for Informal Carers of the Long-Term Disabled to Enhance Resilience and Sustainability

    This NTRI Forum offers strategies to informal carers that can help them to care for people with long-term disabilities. Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Management of Spasticity Following Traumatic Brain Injury

    This NTRI Forum aims to provide a set of best-practices for treating and managing spasticity following TBI. Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Optimising Return-to-Work Practices Following Catastrophic Injury

    This NTRI Forum provides return-to-work practices following traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, and identifies some of the factors that can help or hinder these practices. Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Optimising Self-Managed Funding for People with a Long Term Disability

    This NTRI Forum describes the factors which influence self-directed funding by people with a long-term disability. Download Dialogue Summary.

  • Management of Post-Traumatic Epilepsy

    This NTRI Forum provides information on post-traumatic epilepsy in people following traumatic brain injury. Download Dialogue Summary.