Return-To-Work Program For People With Brain Injury Shows Promise

Brain Injury Australia is a consumer representative on the Project Committee for the Vocational Intervention Program (VIP), designed to improve the vocational pathways and return-to–work rates for people with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in New South Wales.

A recent survey of work participation for over 700 people with a TBI in NSW found fewer than 1 in every 3 were working compared to almost three in every 4 before their injury. The VIP comprises two streams: “Fast Track”, for early return to pre-injury employment, and “New Track”, trialling new work options via unpaid work training placements of up to 12 weeks.

Early results are very promising. 71 clients have been referred to the VIP out of a target of 78-28 to “Fast Track” and 43 to “New Track.” Nearly 4 out every 5 clients remain with their pre-injury employers at completion of the “Fast Track” program and almost half of the clients were employed by their host employers on completion of “New Track.”

To find out more, download this Powerpoint presentation from the recent NSW Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program Research Forum, here.

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