World experts to speak at BIA workshops and conference

Brain Injury Australia, in association with the Department of Rehabilitation at Sydney’s Sutherland Hospital, invites you to a rare opportunity to hear from two of the world’s leading brain rehabilitation experts.

Registrations are now open for our workshops in cognitive rehabilitation to be delivered by Kit Malia and Anne Brannagan OBE from Brain Tree Training in the United Kingdom.

Kit and Anne will deliver two two-day workshops on “Cognitive Rehabilitation for Professionals” and a one-day workshop on “How to do Cognitive Rehabilitation”, designed for clinicians working with adults living with cognitive disability resulting from traumatic brain injury, stroke, progressive neurological, and other, diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis. The workshops will be held over five days, commencing Monday 5th November at the St. George Hospital Research and Education Centre in Sydney’s Kogarah.

Kit and Anne will also co-deliver the International Keynote Address to Brain Injury Australia’s 6th National Acquired Brain Injury Conference, to be held at Brisbane’s Princess Alexandria Hospital on the 13th and 14th November 2018.

The speakers

Kit Malia was the first Certificated Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist in the United Kingdom. With a research degree in neuropsychology, Kit initially trained as a teacher for people with learning disabilities and, following 6 years of teaching, has spent over 30 years working as a cognitive rehabilitation therapist at one of the largest brain injury rehabilitation units in the United Kingdom – the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court – the “premier facility for the rehabilitation of injured British Armed Forces personnel, providing world-class levels of care”.

Anne Brannagan OBE qualified as an Occupational Therapist in 1988. After a two-year orthopaedic rotation, she began specialising in neurorehabilitation at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Headley Court where, as Neurological Team Manager and Complex Trauma Oversight Manager, she is responsible for two multi-disciplinary teams. In 2010, Anne was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services provided to rehabilitation.

Brain Tree Training’s “Value & Role Mission Statement” includes to: “have a direct beneficial influence on the quality of life of people with brain injury”; “enthuse and motivate therapists, care staff, relatives and people with brain injury to continue to develop their skills further”; “have a lifelong learning approach in order to ensure we seek out, understand and, wherever relevant, apply new information”; and “demonstrate that we care about what we do and the people we work with”.

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