Your Side Supports Carers and People with Brain Injury to Lead Their Best Life

Your Side Supports Carers and People with Brain Injury to Lead Their Best Life – We’re Here for You

Your Side is a trusted provider of coordinated support to people with a disability, carers as well as to ageing Australians. With over 30 years of experience in Northern Sydney, Your Side has recently expanded its operations throughout the whole metropolitan area.

Your Side is well aware that the consequences of acquired brain injury (ABI) may be significant. Not only does the injury have an impact on the individual concerned but also on their families, friends and significant others. Carers may experience challenges in assisting people with an ABI, manage aspects of support coordination as well as attending to their own psycho-social needs. Often, carers find it hard to take out time to socialise and pursue their own interests, especially when they are in a caring role that is demanding. This makes it difficult to balance work, life and family. Your Side has significant experience in providing support to not only people with an ABI but also to their carers.

Over 700,000 Australians have an ABI which results in activity limitation and participation restrictions, and although many signs of brain injury are clear, others may be more challenging to assess, such as changes to executive functioning or episodic and unhelpful behaviours. People with an ABI may exhibit multiple comorbid disabilities such as deterioration in physical, cognitive, emotional or independent functioning.

As a leading provider of coordinated support services for people living with disability, Your Side commits to enhancing the independence and wellbeing of individuals with an ABI and returning them to their pre-injury life as far as possible. Your Side works closely with treating health professions to access other areas of support, such as effective home care or recreational activities.

Our Total Care program can provide people with an ABI, carers and health professionals with support – whether it be return to work, going to a sporting event or a gym, heading to a pub down the road or listening to a band, Your Side can coordinate whatever support is required.

For further information on how Your Side can assist people with an ABI directly, support carers or work with treating health professionals, please contact our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 134 332, email or visit